Qatar Cancer Society (QCS)

Qatar Cancer Society (QCS) is one of the leading humanitarian organizations in Qatar which pledges to work towards increasing public awareness about cancer.

Qatar Cancer Society

The Qatar Cancer Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about cancer and providing support for cancer patients and their families in Qatar. The society offers a range of services including cancer screening, education and awareness programs, counseling, and financial support for cancer patients in need.

It also collaborates with local and international organizations to promote cancer research and advance cancer care in Qatar. Overall, the Qatar Cancer Society plays a vital role in the fight against cancer in Qatar and works to improve the lives of those affected by the disease.

If you’re seeking free cancer treatment at a government hospital, it’s important to ensure that you have a valid visa and health insurance with a minimum validity of 6 months. You can check the expiry date of your Qatar visa by visiting the MOI Qatar visa check page.

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